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You are looking at proof that it’s never too late to follow a dream. Although I started writing seriously in grade school, I never took the time to sit down and write the novel I always dreamed of writing until I was well into middle age. Even then, life interrupted. At sixty-eight I finally finished the novel and sent it off, only to be rejected by the first publisher I sent it to. But I got lucky the second time. I am now seventy years old and this website introduces me and my first novel, Blood Mountain.

I got the idea for Blood Mountain when I was driving to the Phoenix area in 1983 and came down over Telegraph Pass on I-8. I saw the crown-shaped mountain over Dome Valley staring me in the face, and the idea for a mystery novel popped into my head. I put a legal pad over my steering wheel and began to write. Illegal as all get-out, I’m sure, but in those days there wasn’t much traffic on I-8. I became so engrossed in my writing, I missed my turn to Mesa, but the idea for Blood Mountain got hatched. I worked on it a while, but as I already said, life got in the way.

When I got back to my novel years later, cells phones had been invented, so I had to rewrite some parts. I also had to change the title because someone had come up with the one I had been using—and published a best-seller—while I had sat around procrastinating. So I went back to work and finally finished my book.

A year later, I found a publisher to buy Blood Mountain. Then it took ten more months of rewriting and correcting before the book was printed—just in time for my 70th birthday.

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About the Book

The abandoned hotel on Blood Mountain has stood vacant for twelve years in the Arizona desert, shrouded in mystery and rumors, until LA playboy Buddy McCain inherits the property and decides to reopen the inn. He convinces his contractor pal, J. T. Carpenter to move in and help him remodel the once fine hotel, but then the trouble starts.

When JT’s wife, Heather, and her dysfunctional sister, Rachel Ryan, join them in their project, the group is systematically terrorized by someone who desperately wants them out—and leaves a dead woman in the parking lot just to make sure they get the message.

While Buddy and JT struggle to reopen the hotel, Rachel defies the orders of the local deputy sheriff and investigates the strange happenings on her own, nearly losing her own life in the process. But Blood Mountain holds tight to its secrets to the very end.

Joanne Taylor Moore’s debut novel, Blood Mountain, is written with the wit, style, and excitement of a best-selling author. It’s an amazing read, it’s hard to put down, and it will leave you eagerly awaiting the sequel.


New Publisher

I am happy to announce that Black Opal Books is publishing the second book in my series, Blood Mountain Prophecy. It will be available by November 1 from Black Opal Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and SmashWords, etc. You can also request a personalized copy by using the contact form on this site.

Black Opal Books has also republished the original Blood Mountain, and I am very pleased to show you their new cover above. The book is currently available at all websites listed above, so if your friends would like a copy, please let them know where it is available.



Blood Mountain is an intriguing, page-turning mystery with episodes worthy of a thriller. … Her characters are alive and have become part of my life. … I’ll be first in line for the sequel.”

Don G. Porter, author of the Alaska Bush Pilot series and the Hawaiian Detective series



“Bravo! I couldn’t put Blood Mountain down and had a hard time not peeking to the end to see who was left. A great first mystery. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Pinkie Paranya, prize winning author of the Women of the Northland trilogy



Blood Mountain kept my attention riveted through its numerous twists and turns, right to the very last page. The dialog and characters are so real, I feel like I know them personally … or at least want to.”

—Debbie Lee, author of   Journey to Jordan



“I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Mountain, by Joanne Taylor Moore. … The plot had so many twists and turns, I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it.”

—Taylor Jones (Read the entire review at



Blood Mountain, by Joanne Taylor Moore, was extremely well done for a first-time author. This lady has real talent. … The book is a page turner, and I will also add that it’s a keeper.”

—Regan Murphy (Read the entire review at

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Coming Events Schedule 2013

My husband, Larry, and me at a book signing at Hastings (photo by Nancy Gilkey)

Please watch this space for my new 2013–2014 schedule.

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